PLCs and Formative Assessment

2.20.14 MHarrison

Attached is the powerpoint Merilou used during the training on PLCs and Formative Assessment 2/20 & 2/21.  The link to the video she shared is embedded for your easy reference.  Pasted below are links to two wordles made of the definitions your teams created during the Formative Assessment exploration.  The first link is from day one and the second link is from day two.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has already submitted their agenda for Wednesday’s early release (they are due to Sean & your director by today.)  Remember, if your site is not going to start focusing on Formative Assessment as a piece of your PLC team work this week, you still need to send us your agenda, but you must also send us the plan for when you anticipate your PLC teams will be ready to engage in this new learning and work.   Please contact your director if clarification is needed.

Important Instructional Policy/AR and ASAA/KPSAA Changes

Information you need to know:  Please forward to counselors, AD’s, or other staff you feel need to be aware of this information.

1)      (AR 6146.1) This policy/AR  was passed at the last board meeting.  I will be in contact with middle school principals who have current students taking high school algebra regarding communicating this change to parents and determining which of your students can get high school credit for this year’s class and if parents wish to take advantage of it.  Additionally, David Henson and I will locate any currently enrolled high school students who took Algebra in 8th grade and offer the credit if they meet the criteria.

Regarding the Advanced Placement change, this will take effect for next year’s AP students.  Currently enrolled AP students (this year’s group) do not need to take the AP exam in order to get the bump in GPA.  Starting next year if a student wants to get the extra 0.021 they will have to take the AP exam.  It is suggested that you charge a class fee for AP classes and that a portion of that go towards paying for the $89.00 exam fee.  Just like for any class fee, students could use the waiver process if this causes a hardship.

 Summary of the AR 6146.1  High School Graduation:  Middle School Students taking algebra at the middle school will now be able to get high school credit if they earn a grade of C or better both Semesters.  This will be retroactive for current 8th grade Algebra students and for current high school students who took Algebra in the middle school and received grades of C or higher both semesters. 

Additionally, Advanced Placement Students will need to take the AP exam in the spring if they wish to receive the bump in GPA.

2)      I am currently working on KPSAA language, forms, and a process for implementing AS 14.30.365 The new non-district student Home School access to athletics change.  There will be a pre-season pre-registration process, check list, guidance, eligibility verification forms, and enrolment verification process that will need to be followed.

Basically,  any non-KPBSD home school student who is enrolled in “alternative education programs” (Military Youth Academy, Raven, IDEA), or any accredited home school program will be able to participate in our high schools in any ASAA sanctioned activity (sports, DDF, All State Music, etc…).  THIS IS ONLY FOR HIGH SCHOOL.  NOT MIDDLE SCHOOL ACTIVITIES.

More information and clarification will be forthcoming before the end of this school year.  This takes effect July 1, 2013.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to give me a call.(#8882)


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