2014 Revised Health Curriculum (Great Body Shop and Common Sense Media)

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Below are links to the new K-8 Health Curriculum and the aligned Great Body Shop and Common Sense Media resources.  High School Resources will be available in August.

If you have not already done so, there are training opportunities being offered on August 3 and 4 for The Great Body Shop (K-8) and High School Health.  Please visit Generation Ready for a complete schedule of trainings.

See below to access a Demo version of The Great Body Shop Program:

Go to www.TheGreatBodyShop.net

–  Click on the “Current Customer” tab at the top right corner.

Username:  GBSvteacher

Password:  99669

To review the new health curriculum, please click the following links:

Elementary Health (K-6)

Middle School Health (6-8)

High School Health (Health Course and 10-12 Social/Emotional Modules)

New Digital Citizenship Program – Common Sense Media replaces Isafe

Beginning fall 2015, we will discontinue the use of ISafe lessons and will replace CIPA required digital citizenship curriculum with material from Common Sense Media (CSM).

CSM offers a wide variety of resources beyond digital citizenship lesson, so please feel free to check out all they have to offer.

Visit www.commonsensemedia.org  to learn more. Click here to help you get started!

KPBSD Grade Level Lesson Sequence, Memo and  Forms

Kindergarten                                  Fourth Grade                           Tenth Grade

First Grade                                    Fifth Grade                                Eleventh Grade

Second Grade                               Sixth Grade                               Twelfth Grade

Third Grade                                   Seventh/Eighth Grades

Common Sense Media Introduction Materials

Community Discussion Guides

8th Grade American History Text Update

MEMO: 8th Grade Social Studies Resources

The current 8th grade American History text will be replaced in fall 2015.  Middle School American History teachers should keep their current instructional resources until the new materials are received.

If you need support or have questions, please contact Melissa Linton, Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator at ext. 8861 or mlinton@kpbsd.org




SGM Pilot- Year End Procedures

The following information was provided to all Student Growth Map (SGM) pilot participants during the 4/29/15 session.  It outlines the information that participants need to complete by May 21 to close out the pilot project.


1. Save finalized SGM(s) in the Districtwide Staff Shared folder < 2014-15 Eval Docs for Pilot in the following format: Grade.Content.Assessment (For example: PreK.SelfHelp.Observation, 3.Reading.CBM, 7.Math.PerfSeries, 10.Foods.TeacherMade)

2. Once SGMs are saved, send a confirmation email to Doug Hayman and Christine Ermold stating the step was completed and providing the name the SGM was saved under. If supporting documents are related to the SGM (like a teacher made test or separate data chart,) send them with the email.

3. Complete two end of year surveys.


The powerpoint from the 4.29.15 session is also inserted for review.


Questions regarding this information may be directed to:

Christine Ermold, Ed.D.

Director of Elementary Education & Professional Development

Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, Alaska