5/20/16 Notes

The E.I. Committee met on 5/20/16.  During the meeting, the committee:

  • Analyzed data and survey results from the 2015-16 E.I. process survey.
  • Reviewed feedback from the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development (DEED) regarding the E.I. evaluation system.
  • Reviewed and refined the 2015-16 E.I. process forms.
  • Planned and developed training resources for the 2016-17 E.I. process.

A summary of the committee’s decisions and findings is as follows:

  • Responses to the annual E.I. process survey reflected a 39.5% response rate.
  • More than 90% of respondents indicated they received valuable, sufficient feedback, and indicated that evaluators spent sufficient time in classrooms.
  • New evaluation forms for Counselors were reviewed and approved.
  • Updates to the other E.I. process forms were discussed and approved.  Based on regulatory changes, the sections for reporting on measures of student growth and the overall rating information were eliminated from the forms and processes.  DEED’s review of the E.I. evaluation system revealed that there must be a greater focus on professional goal setting and growth for teachers in relationship to their professional evaluation.  As a result, the topic of identifying a professional goal and calibrating on what achievement of the goal will involve and “look like” was added into the E.I. process.
  • The committee reflected upon the need to refocus training and PD back on the Danielson Framework rubrics to further support the process as a tool for supporting growth in addition to achieving a professional evaluation of practice.
  • The Rediker software pilot will continue in 2016-17 to allow further refinements to the forms and software.
  • Teachscape calibration will continue to be required for new-to-district administrators.  Site calibration visits will also be required for all administrators next year.

The Committee will meet again on September 27, 2016. Questions regarding the information above may be directed to any member of the E.I. Committee or to Christine Ermold, the facilitator of the committee.