Aimsweb Winter Benchmark Information

The winter window for benchmark testing is January 1-30.

Here is what should be tested at each grade level for Aimsweb.  KPBSD Benchmark Testing Schedule_v3

I have also included a link to a  quick chart on the TEN and TEL errors TEN and TEL Error Charts  as well as the PDF’s on testing and scoring The New Aimsweb 2_test and scoring, The New Aimsweb 2_National Norms and reporting in the New Aimsweb 2.0.

Please take a moment to look over these documents as they contain all of the information you will need for benchmark testing. Scores for Aimsweb are expected to be entered in by January 30th. (Please do not wait until then to log into Aimsweb.)

If you cannot get into Aimsweb you must go through the forgot password process. If your class list in Aimsweb is not correct please let your school interventionist know or the person at your school who has access to the google doc for adding students.  If you do not have an assigned interventionist this will most likely be your I-team coordinator or your principal.

*If you do not have an interventionist please check with your principal to see if they can answer your question or direct you to a person in your building before emailing Michael Hanson.

Log into Aimsweb before December 17, 2014

  1. If you lost your password you must go through the forgot password process.  No one else can reset it for you.
  2. Find your class list and make sure it is up to date
  3. Let your interventionist know if your class list is not correct (see above)
  4. *When communicating about your class list to your interventionist, I-team coordinator or principal you must include:
    1. What school
    2. Student name
    3. Student ID

Algebra 1 Semester 1 Common Assessment

The Algebra 1 Semester 1 Common Assessment was created and reviewed by several members of the KPBSD Math Committee. Only Priority Standards are assessed and teacher may add additional items if they choose.


Please send feedback Melissa Linton – and she will bring all the feedback to the next Math meeting.

Assessments for geometry and Advanced Algebra will be posted when they are created and reviewed by the committee.  If you would like to participate, please email Melissa.



KPBSD’s Comprehensive System of Assessment aligns well with State and Federal requirements

The path below goes to the district’s shared drive and contains 38 slides that attempt to explain the System of Assessment used within KPBSD. Many of the assessments identified are either state or federal requirements. All slides except #36 have an audio component that provides additional information.

Computer>KPBSD Shared (S:)>Districtwied Staff Shared>Assessment 2014>Comprehensive Assessment System.

Please address questions to Tim Vlasak