2.19.15 Effective Instruction Committee Notes

The Effective Instruction (EI) Committee met on February 19, 2015 to continue the development and revision of tools and processes related to the Student Growth Maps.  Questions regarding the following information may be directed to the facilitator of the EI Committee, Dr. Christine Ermold, or any member of the committee.

  • The possible regulatory changes related to Alaska’s ESEA waiver were discussed, as were plans for expanding the SGM pilot into the 2015-16 school year.  Training at a district level versus site level was discussed at length, and the members of the EI committee concluded that regional, job alike, and on-site training would likely be the most helpful, and that ongoing learning during in-service or collaboration time will need to be required and scheduled at each site.
  • A guide outlining when to exclude student data from an SGM was drafted.  Exclusion Criteria 3.10.15
  • A guide for evaluating the quality of an assessment for the purpose of an SGM was drafted.  Assessment Quality Assurance 3.10.15
  • The Continuous Growth System Map was revised.  3.10.15 Teacher Evaluation Continuous Growth System v5
  • Extensive discussion regarding the Teacher Enrichment Pathway (TEP) occurred.  The TEP continues to be recognized as a powerful agent of growth for educators, however, concern continues to exist over whether requiring an additional evaluation process within the Continuous Growth System is essential.  Members of the E.I. Committee agreed to talk with colleagues about the idea of the continuing the TEP opportunity as it currently exists versus the TEP becoming an opportunity for professional development facilitated through the Professional Development Department that is unrelated to a teacher’s evaluation status.  This topic will be revisited during the next EI Committee meeting on 5.29.15.
  • The agenda and activities for the final SGM Pilot Project meeting on 4.29.15 was outlined.