PLCs and Formative Assessment

2.20.14 MHarrison

Attached is the powerpoint Merilou used during the training on PLCs and Formative Assessment 2/20 & 2/21.  The link to the video she shared is embedded for your easy reference.  Pasted below are links to two wordles made of the definitions your teams created during the Formative Assessment exploration.  The first link is from day one and the second link is from day two.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has already submitted their agenda for Wednesday’s early release (they are due to Sean & your director by today.)  Remember, if your site is not going to start focusing on Formative Assessment as a piece of your PLC team work this week, you still need to send us your agenda, but you must also send us the plan for when you anticipate your PLC teams will be ready to engage in this new learning and work.   Please contact your director if clarification is needed.

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