Federal Programs Organizational Chart

Fed Programs Flow Chart is being provided as an awareness of the “who does what” for Federal Programs, and to visualize the overlap that occurs. This team can provide support, or direct you to the correct support, for any of the activities listed on the page.

The mission of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Federal Programs Department is to provide quality, timely, and collaborative academic support to enhance the success of targeted students, schools and parents in an ethical manner and in compliance with KPBSD policies, federal regulations and state statutes.

Dollar figures are provided for the Federal funding sources. This should reinforce the importance of school staff efforts to have students/parents complete paperwork. The funds listed are generated through the completion of qualifying forms of students and families. These are federal dollars available to supplement district efforts to support qualifying students because a couple of forms were completed.

Funds are allocated to schools through prioritizing academic need according to specifics of the individual funding sources. KPBSD Federal funds are used in a variety of ways and a few are:

  •  10—Pre-K programs
  • Supplemental Teachers, Interventionists, & Tutors
  • Intervention Supplies and Materials
  • Professional Development
  • Family/Parent Involvement Activities
  • Extended School (before or after school tutoring)
  • Incorporating Native Culture and Language
  • Provide Native Youth Leadership opportunities
  • Support of Homeless students
  • Supports of incarcerated students
  • Support of Migrant students
  • Support of students who’s primary language is not English

Please help us maximize the Federal dollars the KPBSD receives. For more information, visit the district’s webpage http://www.kpbsd.k12.ak.us/departments.aspx?id=44.

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